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Film Photography

If you came to this page, you must at least curious about what film has to offer & I am so excited to tell you all about it.


Film has been a cherished medium in my life since I first picked up a camera. I blame it on being a millennial. We grew up with our childhood memories being captured on film & by the time we were teens we had iPhones in our pockets that could take video in 720p. Film held memories of a past life, while the technological world flew by us a million miles a minute. I guess it's a metaphor for always pining for a slower, more intentional lifestyle.


Working with film followed me through college where I specialized in film photography & darkroom media, despite the words of my peers calling me crazy or impractical for doing so. I have since them helped run two different film processing labs & continue to process all of my own film to this day.


To make it simple, film is raw & real. It doesn't lie or exaggerate reality. It only has the ability to capture what it there. As the photographer behind the camera, I take a great responsibility in capturing those moments without being able to fall back on Photoshop for help later. Working in film makes you slow down & take advantage of the moment completely. Which is why I love it so much.


The photo here is of my Hasselblad 500 c/m. She is my pride & joy. She's been at my side since 2014 & although a lot of my other film gear rotates depending on our needs, she will always be at my side for your session or event!

My gear is serviced by the GAS station 


Film is a luxury service because there is more cost that goes into it. There is the cost of film and chemistry to process it, then my time in scanning & doing whatever small edits are necessary, & archival storage.

If time allows, I try to shoot a few frames at each session or event as a complimentary service to give you something with a little unique flair,

but it is always an option to add full rolls, or have a session entirely photographed on film.

Cost for film services is based on current film & development pricing. I proudly process all of my own film & have for over a decade. So rest easy knowing that I oversee the process completely.

The average rate is $75 per roll - high res digital scans included.


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