If you came to this page, you're at least open to what film has to offer you & I am so happy for that!


Film is raw & real. As the photographer behind the camera, I take on a great responsibility in capturing moments without being able to fall back on Photoshop for help later. It makes you slow down & take advantage of the moment completely. That's why I love to use it in private moments with my couples.


Photograph by: Indigo Lace Collective

Film Wedding Photography Ashley Vandervelde Photography.jpg
Film Wedding Photography Ashley Vandervelde Photography.jpg

Film is a luxury service because there is more cost that goes into using it. There is the of materials, lab fees to process it, then my time in scanning & doing whatever small edits are necessary.

If time allows, I shoot a few frames at each small session I do & usually a few rolls throughout every wedding day as a complimentary service to give you something just a little more special, but it is always an option to add more or have a session entirely on film.

Cost for film services is based on current film and development pricing. I am proudly partnered with the Fort Wayne Film Lab, where I am able to develop all of my own film & oversee the process completely.