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Coffee lover.

Cat mom.

Walking flora encyclopedia.


Find me snuggled up watching a historical drama, editing at my favorite coffee shop, perusing the aisles of an antique store, or taking a long walk through the woods identifying all the different kinds of mushrooms I find along the way. Living intentionally is at the forefront of my life. Never wasting a day, or the opportunity to make someone else's!

I am very lucky to be married to my high school sweetheart & best friend in the entire world, Austin, who also shares the same passion for photography & travel as I do. We have been together for 13 years & eloped in 2020 on Lake Michigan.

I am a ridiculous hopeless romantic & absolutely live for getting to know new people & experience new places.

_DSC8687-Edit copy.jpg
Bride in a black dress walking on the beach elopement

Photograph by: Cedar & Ink Studios

Photograph by: John H. D. Wagner

Where it all began

My photography journey began in high school, working in the dark room. Film photography drew me in with its unique way of capturing light & movement. It taught me to be an artist first, planning, composing, & learning how to control my camera. I was lucky to learn photography in an intimate, deliberate, & tangible way. Values that I brought into my professional work.

I began photographing portraits in 2011 & photographed my first weddings in 2013. However, it took me until 2020 to jump into being a full time photographer & I honestly regret not having done it sooner! Now I get to enjoy having the best job in the world, capturing memories for my incredible clients coast to coast & internationally.

Quick fun facts:
150+ weddings photographed
Over 2,000 hours spent in the darkroom
32 U.S. states visited
Once knocked out a tooth on a windowsill (long story)

Girl sitting on a cliff in a black dress overlooking the Ozarks

When I began photographing weddings, it became crystal clear to me that this is absolutely what I was meant to do. 
From the core I am a romantic & a storyteller. I want to capture your truth, your laughs, your goofiness, your seriousness...YOUR love. Whatever that looks like.


I find the truth of our love to be in the small moments, like impromptu dancing in the kitchen & the "I saw this & it made me think of you" things. 


From the beginning until now, I want to know your story. When you fell in love, your favorite date, & what you look forward to the most in starting your lives together. Let's write your story.

Why specialize in couples & weddings?

Accolades, awards & features:

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