Hi I'm Ashley,


I have a ridiculously dorky sense of humor & make a fool out of myself often. You'll either always be laughing with me or at me!

I love thrifting, taking road trips, spending hours looking at art books on the floor of a bookstore,

& hiking off into the wilderness to appreciate the trees.

I love all of these things just as much as I love spending time at home with my husband & all of our pets.

Whether it's being behind my camera, editing, writing, or rearranging our living room for the second time in a month, I never stop building on my creative visions.


My photography journey began with working in the dark room in high school. Film drew me in with its unique way of capturing light & movement. It taught me to be an artist first. Planning, composing & learning how to manually control my camera.

Film photography is intimate, intentional, & tangible. It teaches us to sink in & slow down, to truly allow ourselves to experience life as it is happening. And that grain? I'm obsessed.


That obsession followed me through college & in 2016 I obtained by BFA from Ball State University in photography & intermedia arts.


Photograph by: John D. Wagner

My husband & I eloped  on Lake Michigan

Photograph by: Indigo Lace Collective

Kingwood Gardens.jpg

When I began working in weddings, it quickly became clear to me that this is absolutely what I was meant to do.

From the core I am a romantic & a storyteller. 

I want to capture your truth, your laughs, your goofiness, your seriousness,

& your completely authentic love. 

I believe in building a strong client-photographer relationship, because you're trusting me to capture some once in a lifetime moments.

We aren't going to just exchange a few messages & then I show up on your wedding day with a camera. We will work together to build your vision, become amazing friends & create some freaking magic.

Intimate Wedding Indiana SUmmer Wedding Ashley Vandervelde Photography.jpg
Intimate Wedding.jpg